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You are looking for an alternative to the treadmill drills in our Scorch workout? BLAZE it is! You will be cycling with different resistance levels on our spinning bikes: sprints, mountains, nothing will be missed on our bike. Also, you will be instructed with utmost precision by your coach to lift weights or to train with your own weight on the floor.

As usual, additionally to your bike drills and the floor routine you will be boxing on our aqua punching bags. Your instructor will guide you through sweating combinations on the bag and push you to your absolute limits.

Why is boxing an integral part of our Shaped by iB workouts. Because there is almost no sports that requires more muscles at the same time. With one single punch you train, shoulders, biceps, triceps, pectorals and back muscles. Furthermore you are able to improve your equilibrium sense and your capabilities of coordination. And most important for many of us, the burning of calories is tremendous. Last but not least the mind-blowing fun whilst punching the swinging aqua bag.

Don't forget, the cool and powerful vibes of the music will spur you with every one-two punch.

Get started!